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dye. Cotton cloths are manufactured to some extent, for the dyeing of which the city has attained a high reputation. Worsted spinning and dyeing are also carried on, and there are iron foundries, tinplate works, breweries, malthouses, &c. The parliamentary borough returns one member. A clear distinction must be drawn between colour and the property of dyeing; all coloured substances are not dyes, and it is shown in the article Dyeing that the property of entering into chemical or physical combination with fibres involves properties other than those essential to colour. A soft cotton slub yarn to use as it is or for dyeing. WikiMatrix. 268 sentence examples: 1. Precipitated aluminium hydrate finds considerable application in dyeing. Leather-dressing is the chief industry; steam-sawing, brewing and dyeing are also carried on, and horticulture flourishes in the environs. On this theory colour is regarded as due to the presence of a " chromophore," and dyeing power to an " auxochrome "; the latter by itself cannot produce colour or dyeing power, but it is only active in the presence of a chromophore, when it intensifies the colour and confers the property of dyeing. After serving his apprenticeship in his native town, he established himself as a barber at Bolton about 1750, and later amassed a little property from dealing in human hair and dyeing it by a process of his own. It is treated with a special dyeing process known as drum dyeing, which gives the leather a tonal finish and lends it a vintage-inspired, aged appearance. The west end and the south-west are the residential quarters, the north-west is largely occupied by academic, scientific and military institutions, the north is the seat of machinery works, the north-east of the woollen manufactures, the east and south-east of the dyeing, furniture and metal industries, while in the south are great barracks and railway works. dyeing service for all the fabrics listed below. See more. Next in importance comes the spinning and weaving of wool, cotton, linen and carpet manufactures, and dyeing. 0. The paper discussed the surface character of pigmentation bamboo strips by carbonizing and dyeing treatment. Indian indigo prevailed slowly over woad based on its better dyeing properties and deeper color. Find more ways to say dying, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. This method is known as gel dyeing. The industries of Trier include iron-founding, dyeing and the manufacture of machinery. The town has an important woollen trade and possesses dyeing and fulling mills. All daubing or dyeing of the lids is foolish and vulgar. The chief business is in butter, eggs, cattle and pigs, while bleaching, dyeing and shipbuilding are also carried on here. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact. A large number of cotton mills furnish the chief source of industry; printing, dyeing and bleaching of cotton and calico, spinning and weaving machine making, iron and steel works, and collieries in the neighbourhood, are also important. While you could attempt this on your own, stores that sell dyeable shoes usually offer the dyeing service; it's worth investing in it for the most professional look. The cognate trades of bleaching, dyeing and machine-making have been long carried on. A man should study till his dyin The Japanese kind are imported raw, but are few in numbers, very pale and require dyeing. Besides the manufacture of sheeting, towelling, ticks, dowlas and sail-cloth, the principal industries include flax-spinning, net-making, bleaching, dyeing, tanning, brewing, brass and iron founding, and there are potteries, flour-mills, engineering works, fisheries, and factories for the making of oil-cloth and linoleum. 58. Pure New Wool - Chunky A chunky thickness pure new wool ideal for knitting, dyeing and felting. The salt is used as a mordant in dyeing and calico printing, and also for making textiles non-inflammable. In dyeing and finishing textiles New Jersey was first among the states of the Union in 1900 (value, $10,488,963, being 23.3% of the total for the country) and in 1905 (value, $11,979,947, being 23.6% of the total for the country); Paterson is the centre of this industry in New Jersey. As a manufacturing centre it ranked in 1905 second in the state, the chief products being iron, steel, bricks, flour, cement, silk and leather; there is also a large dyeing and cleaning establishment. dyeing and finishing in a sentence - Use "dyeing and finishing" in a sentence 1. A clear distinction must be drawn between colour and the property of dyeing; all coloured substances are not dyes, and it is shown in the article Dyeing that the property of entering into chemical or physical combination with fibres involves properties other than those essential to colour. I am not quite sure that this method of weighting was not first used by the throwsters, as sugar is known to have been used for adulterating and loading gum silk for a very long time, and then the idea was afterwards applied to silk after the dyeing operations. 4. Example sentences with "dyeing", translation memory. Its leading industries include coal-mining, turkey-red dyeing and brick-making. Textile - Textile - Dyeing and printing: Dyeing and printing are processes employed in the conversion of raw textile fibres into finished goods that add much to the appearance of textile fabrics. Translations of the word DYEING from english to danish and examples of the use of "DYEING" in a sentence with their translations: Dyeing yarn. Legnano is the seat of important cotton and silk industries, with machine-shops, boiler-works, and dyeing and printing of woven goods, and thread. Dyeing is the application of dyes or pigments on textile materials such as fibers, yarns, and fabrics with the goal of achieving color with desired color fastness.Dyeing is normally done in a special solution containing dyes and particular chemical material. EurLex-2. It possesses worsted and cotton mills, iron works, dye works and chemical works. It owes its origin almost entirely to the cotton printing and bleaching works of the vicinity, for which there is an abundant supply of excellent water, and contains one of the largest of the Turkey-red dyeing establishments in the Vale of Leven. Between 1890 and 1900 Connecticut's products in dyeing and finishing of textiles, industries which have as yet not developed in the South, increased 21 7.3% from $7 1 5,3 88 in 1890 to $2,269,967 in 1900; in 1905 their value was $2,215,314. 6. It is one of the chief manufacturing places in Rhenish Prussia, its principal industries being the spinning and weaving of cotton, the manufacture of silks, velvet, ribbon and damasks, and dyeing and bleaching. Its industrial establishments comprise tobacco, yarn, thread, linen and woollen cloth manufactories, bleaching and dyeing works, breweries and oil and flour mills. Real sentences showing how to use Dyeing correctly. A former chief of a big Chinese state lender was sentenced to death on Tuesday for bribery, corruption and bigamy, in a rare and dramatic example of Beijing’s use of … The chief industries are the spinning of cotton and wool, and the weaving, dyeing and printing of fabrics of different kinds. This is likely due to a combination of dyeing and licensing issues. 24. The azo compounds are intensely coloured, but are not capable of being used as dyestuffs unless they contain salt-forming, acid or basic groups (see Dyeing). Cotton-weaving, dyeing and printing are extensively carried on. The other industries of the town, notably dyeing, stuff-printing and stamping, are very considerable, and there are also engineering and machine shops, chemical, cellulose, soap, and other factories, breweries, distilleries and tanneries. Dye. Their main use is to dye polyester, but they can also be used to dye nylon, cellulose triacetate, and acrylic fibers. EurLex-2. The noun dye refers to any substance used to give color to hair, a fabric, and so on (plural, dyes). The bark is astringent; it is used for tanning and dyeing. Items in the Monogram Canvas collection also boast gleaming golden brass hardware, red edge dyeing, leather handles, and textile lining. The solution possesses a considerable tinctorial power, dyeing silk in the cold. Its industries include weaving, dyeing, brewing, iron-founding and the manufacture of leather goods, boots and shoes and machines. The manufacture of cloth, woollens, shoes and paper, dyeing, tanning, brewing and distilling are the principal industries. He was always anxious to turn his knowledge to practical account, whether in preparing medicines, or in furthering industrial arts such as dyeing, or in increasing the fertility of the soil by artificial manures. The game-pies and other delicacies of Chartres are well known, and the industries also include flour-milling, brewing, distilling, iron-founding, leather manufacture, dyeing, and the manufacture of stained glass, billiard requisites, hosiery, &c. Other articles of export are chemicals, dyeing and tanning stuffs, tobacco, sugar-beet and kitchen-salt. We are now taking bookings for hand dyeing workshops run by Debbie. 0. How to use dying in a sentence. Dye, " Les ports du Maroc " in Bull. (verb) A large number of cotton mills furnish the chief source of industry; printing, dyeing and bleaching of cotton and calico, spinning and weaving machine making, iron and steel works, and collieries in the neighbourhood, are also important. It is decomposed by heat into oxide, nitrogen peroxide and oxygen; and is used for the manufacture of fusees and other deflagrating compounds, and also for preparing mordants in the dyeing and calico-printing industries. 2. The most important industries of the town are the manufacture of buckskin, the spinning of carded yarn and vicuna-wool, and the processes of dyeing, finishing and wool-spinning connected with these. 3. Examples of how to use “natural dye” in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Labs Dyeing in a sentence 1, Color is fixed in dyeing. CPA 13.30.11: Bleaching and dyeing services of textile fibres and yarns. Perfect for home dyeing using fiber reactive or procion dyes. Examples of dye in a sentence, how to use it. Into the dyeing of silk it is not here necessary to enter, except in so far as concerns a nefarious practice, carried on in dye-houses, which has exercised a most detrimental influence on the silk trade. patents-wipo. Set fiber processing weaving dyeing and finishing in one: 15. Helmond is one of the industrial centres of the province, and possesses over a score of factories for cotton and silk weaving, cotton printing, dyeing, iron founding, brewing, soap boiling and tobacco dressing, as well as engine works and a margarine factory. has been “gaffe.” Nemo on March 25, 2014 11:47 am The industries include the spinning and weaving of cotton and wool, printing, dyeing and tanning, while there is a brisk trade in wine. The Kala Bha.van, or technical school, has departments for drawing, carpentry, dyeing, weaving and agriculture. Find another word for dyeing. Its wood is used to make a red dye. It is from Benjamin that we know that the Jews of Palestine and other parts of the East were noted for the arts of dyeing and glass-making. The leaves and husk of the fruit are resinous and astringent, and are sometimes used medicinally as well as for dyeing purposes. Skill in … What does dye mean? There are also communal colleges for boys and girls, a school of artillery and school of draughtsmanship. This product must not be used for dyeing eyelashes or eyebrows. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. The park was created on land previously used for bleaching, dyeing, calico printing and mining. The covalent bonds that attach reactive dye to natural fibers make them among the most permanent of dyes. The chief industries are weaving, leather-making, dyeing and working in iron and pottery. Its industries include linen and cotton weaving, dyeing, calico printing, brewing, ship-building and the manufacture of tobacco, glass, soap, chocolate, leather, lamps, chicory and chemicals. It has lace, dyeing and tanning industries, and manufactures of toys and musical instruments; and there is a convalescent home for the poor of the city of Leipzig. Cotton manufacture, dyeing, printing, bleaching, brewing, type-founding, and the manufacture of tram and railway carriages are among the more important of its industries. Connected with this are subsidiary schools, notably one for dyeing and finishing. “Dying is a wild night and a new road.” – Emily Dickinson #17. Just outline your designs on the cake and frost them after dyeing icing. for home use, and for dyeing and exportation, chiefly to the United States. The room was quite dark, for the dying embers on the hearth provided only a faint radiance. A fine, pure soft cotton chenille yarn ideal for dyeing. The produce of the Eastern Islands is also collected at its ports for re-exportation to India, China and Europe - namely, gold-dust, diamonds, camphor, benzoin and other drugs; edible bird-nests, trepang, rattans, beeswax, tortoiseshell, and dyeing woods from Borneo and Sumatra; tin from Banka; spices from the Moluccas; fine cloths from Celebes and Bali; and pepper from Sumatra. The first place is occupied by the iron industries, embracing foundries, furnaces, engineering and machine shops, &c. Next come cotton spinning and weaving, calico printing, yarn-spinning, dyeing and similar textile branches, besides a variety of other industries. It has been used in dyeing with aniline black. Other crops included flax, beans and herbs used for cooking and for dyeing cloth. Polyether is an effective wetting age Hatcher advises others to try different things when dyeing the eggs. Azoic dyeing is a technique in which an insoluble Azo dye is produced directly onto or within the fiber. Going by my various versions of dictionaries, “gaff” as a term for a blunder or mistake is fairly recent. gradually ceasing to live. Textile dyeing to improve the dyeing of cellulosic fibers with reactive dyes. It is situated on the Vesdre, which flows into the Ourthe a few miles before its junction with the Meuse; and the water of that river is supposed to be especially good for dyeing purposes. Hemp yarns are also used in certain classes of carpets, for special bags for use in cop dyeing and for similar special purposes, but for the ordinary bagging and sacking the employment of hemp yarns has been almost entirely supplanted by yarns made from the jute fibre. See more. As in other cases, dyeing was subsidiary to the cloth industry. Dyeing sentence examples dyeing A large number of cotton mills furnish the chief source of industry; printing, dyeing and bleaching of cotton and calico, spinning and weaving machine making, iron and steel works, and collieries in the neighbourhood, are also important. The embroiderers craft has been followed for centuries in Japan with eminent success, but whereas it formerly ranked E b t~ with dyeing and weaving, it has now come to be m rO eay. Dyeing definition, process of coloring fibers, yarns, or fabrics. hair dyeing in a sentence - Use "hair dyeing" in a sentence 1. :Like all hair dyeing it'll depend on the hair colour. Zeitz has manufactures of cloth, cottons and other textiles, machinery, wax-cloth, musical instruments, vinegar, cigars, &c.; and wood-carving, dyeing and calico-printing are carried on. Dyeing definition: the process or industry of colouring yarns , fabric , etc | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Tanning, dyeing, flour-milling, brandy-distilling and the manufacture of glass are among the industries. No one else can touch the gem without dyinginstantly. Dyeing and finishing, brewing and distilling, are also carried on. Many derivatives of pararosaniline and rosaniline are known, in which the hydrogen atoms of the amino groups are replaced by alkyl groups; this has the effect of producing a blue or violet shade, which becomes deeper as the number of groups increases (see Dyeing). The idea of diagramming sentences started way back in 1877 with two professors at Brooklyn Polytech Institute. Dyeing is the present participle of the verb to dye, i.e. Perfect for home dyeing using procion dyes, cold water dyes, silk paints or fabric paints. Dyeing by the yuzen process is an innovation of modern times. 24 examples: Fresh working solutions of each dye and ink were prepared for each experiment… Nitric acid converts it into nitro-compounds, which are occasionally used for dyeing silk and wool. Colors typically arise from organic dye and pigments, such as beta carotene. Other branches of industry are carpet-weaving, distilling, oil and oil-cake manufacture, dyeing, cooperage and the manufacture of arms and bullets. It dyes silk, wool and leather direct, and cotton after mordanting with tannin and tartar emetic (see Dyeing). There are several glass works at Palermo, a cotton dyeing works at Messina, and a large metal foundry at Palermo. 2. 2. The campers explored the ways to dye textiles using the demonstration dyeing machines and produced their own tie-dyed t-shirts using reactive dyes. 268 sentence examples: 1. I was a little taken aback by the use of the word gaff in the final sentence of the piece on dying/dyeing. Reference should be made to the articles Dyeing, Fuchsine, Safranine, Indulines, for more details On this subject. 3. Besides contributing extensively to the English and French scientific journals, he published a work on Dyeing and Calico-Printing. As for dyeing , weak acid dye and reactive dye should be selected and fullincolor fastness. Dyed sentence examples. Its industries include wool-weaving and spinning, dyeing, iron-founding, the manufacture of cotton and silk goods, machinery, sewing machines and machine oil, leather and tobacco, and printing (books and maps) and flower gardening. It was also at one time used in dyeing and calico-printing, and for the unhairing of skins, &c.; but safer and equally efficient substitutes have been found. The industries include cloth-weaving, tanning, dyeing and saw mills. It has dyeing works, and manufactures of dynamite, indigo products and railway plant. It was obvious that the deer was dying, due to a bullet wound that had hit it in the lung and passed through. This extremely soft, durable hide is soaked in a spacious drum during the dyeing process, which allows the color to permeate the material completely. This advanced dyeing technology can make the products unfading: 12. It has no affinity for vegetable fibres, and consequently cotton goods must be mordanted before dyeing with it (see Dyeing). Its principal industrial establishments are mechanical works (both in the city and at Lundby), saw-mills, dealing with the timber which is brought down the Gota, flour-mills, margarine factories, breweries and distilleries, tobacco works, cotton mills, dyeing and bleaching works (at Levanten in the vicinity), furniture factories, paper and leather works, and shipbuilding yards. With the rise in men receiving beauty treatments like hair dyeing, waxing and manicures, models place more emphasis on looks and clothing. Sentence Examples. At West New Brighton is a large dyeing establishment, there are also ship-building yards, oyster fisheries, and truck farms, and among the maufactures are linoleum, paper, white lead, linseed oil, brick, and fire-clay products. The silk of the eria or castor-oil worm (Attacus ricini) presents the same difficulties in dyeing as the common tussur. The manufacture of cloth is the chief industry; lace, starch, machines, cigars and chemicals are also produced, while spinning, dyeing, brewing and printing are carried on. The dying list of example sentences with dying. 5. 43. They do not represent the opinions of The general trade and manufactures are considerable, including woollen (stockings and cloth), linen and cotton goods, leather, paper, saltpetre, and dyeing. The women alone put on mourning attire, by dyeing their veils, shirts, &c., dark blue, with indigo; and they stain their hands, and smear the walls, with the same color. The principal industries are the spinning and weaving of wool, dyeing, tanning, and the manufacture of pottery ware, hats, cloth, paper and machinery. The History of Sentence Diagramming. The dyeing of these very pale skins has been for so long well executed that it has been possible to make very good useful and effective articles of them at a moderate price compared to Russian sable. 8 synonyms of dyeing from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 19 related words, definitions, and antonyms. 3. Coloring: Some salons focus exclusively on hair color and dyeing, offering a wider range of colors and options for highlights, lowlights, and overall hair color including punk and emo selections. The continuous dyeing of fabric is preferred where large quantities of woven fabric have to be dyed one color. Thanks to the severe blood loss of his wound, the dying man knew he only had a few more minutes to live. The industries of the town include ironfounding and the manufacture of machinery, corsets, hosiery, flannel goods, jam and wall-paper, and brewing, cotton spinning and weaving, leather-dressing and dyeing. Do not use to dye eyelashes or eyebrows. Dye vat is a key equipment in printing and dyeing industry. What is the difference between all of these? Examples of dye in a sentence, how to use it. Among the most industrious of Polynesian races, they have always been famed for wood-carving; and in building, weaving and dyeing they had made great advances before the whites arrived. By adding UV blocking during the dyeing process, swimsuits made from nylon and Lycra can provide sun protection similar to that found in sun screen. Fully automated yarn and package dyeing plants, which monitor and control the use of water and energy have also recently been introduced. Woolcombing and dyeing are also carried on, and there are oil and timber mills. To make a bath for dyeing eggs, combine 1/2 cup room temperature water with about 20 drops of food coloring and one tablespoon of vinegar. Define dyeing. The preparation of indigo and the dyeing of cloths are other flourishing industries. Examples of dyeing in a sentence: 1. The woollen industry flourished in the county before the reign of John, when an exclusive privilege of dyeing cloth was conceded to the burgesses of Derby. 0. Each student was given an opportunity to tackle a variety of new activities including dyeing and printing in the Department's teaching laboratory. 3, Most operate in highly polluting industries: bleaching and, 8, The close links between the two continued, with, 10, Creases may result in streaks in subsequent, 15, With this special requirement of surface colouration, general, 18, Dry, brittle hair and split ends were the unfortunate consequence of years of, 19, He learned, among other things, what alum served for,(, 20, She felt a sudden desire to dye her hair blonde and keep, 21, Here, Nicholson extended the range of pharmaceuticals and added fine chemicals for use in the burgeoning, 22, The Sorensons contacted a textile expert to assist in developing a competent, 23, As far as we could determine, there is only one aboriginal culture left that does any, 24, This review summarizes the type and hyperchromic mechanism of hyperchromic agent in, 25, Color difference are easily appeared in cotton knitted fabric reactive, 26, Majority of the number of both slow softening bath, 27, Experimental water includes analogue dye wastewater and practical printing and, 28, It discusses Symplocos caudata as a mordant was used in Yellow, 29, The properties of modified wool, wool and cashmere, as well as the, 30, Analysing the questions taking place easily at the time of. Wool and cotton spinning and weaving, dyeing, distilling, paper-making and tanning are carried on here with considerable activity. The more important industries comprise cotton manufactures, iron works, boat-building, dyeing and bleaching, tanning, rope-making and salt-making. No one I talked to had written policies on piercing, tattooing or hair dyeing. Among other industries that have largely contributed to the welfare of the town are dyeing and bleaching, brass and iron founding, tanning, machine-making, brewing and distilling, milling, rope-making and the making of soap and candles,while the collieries in the immediate vicinity are numerous and flourishing. The principal industries include tanning, dyeing, tile-making, milling, the production of yeast and there is a large establishment for the manufacture of railway stock. Hatcher said about wanting to share the dyeing craft with others. Dyeing, leatherdressing, lace-making and the manufacture of porcelain for household and laboratory purposes are carried on. In dyeing a silk black a certain amount of weight must be added; and the common practice in former times was to make up on the silk what was lost in the scouring. To color (a material), especially by soaking in a coloring solution. It made me realize how much there is to learn about natural dyeing. The verb dye means to apply dye or to color something. Dyeing is extensively carried on in Dizful where most of the indigo is grown. 44 16 He is dyingand you leave me alone with him! dyeing in a sentence - Use "dyeing" in a sentence 1. Over 100,000 Spanish translations of English words and phrases. There were of course some crude industries in existence before the arrival of the 'Spaniards, such as weaving and dyeing of fabrics made from various fibres, and making earthenware utensils, images, &c. The Spaniards introduced their own industries, including sugar-making, weaving, tanning, and leatherand metal-working, some of which still exist. Different substances were distinguished by the name of "alumen"; but they were all characterized by a certain degree of astringency, and were all employed in dyeing and medicine, the light-coloured alumen being useful in brilliant dyes, the dark-coloured only in dyeing black or very dark colours. Model 1 : Six ones are mottled bel The industries of the natives are confined to such crafts as spinning and weaving and dyeing, the manufacture of iron weapons and implements, boatand shipbuilding, &c. More particularly in the southeastern division, and especially in the districts of Negara, Banjermasin, Amuntai and Martapura, shipbuilding, ironforging, goldand silversmith's work, and the polishing of diamonds, are industries of high development in the larger centres of population. Alzey has industries of dyeing and weaving, breweries, and does a considerable trade in wine. Each part of the dying process—soaking, tying, dying—was given its own station. 2. The powder of the dried nuts was at one time prescribed as a sternutatory (to encourage sneezing) in the Edinburgh Pharmacopoeia. Inventor of a process for making potash alum, used in textile dyeing. In Paris, too, they obtain beautiful results in the "topping" or colouring Russian sables and the Germans are particularly successful in dyeing Persian lambs black and foxes in all blue, grey, black and smoke colours and in the insertion of white hairs in imitation of the real silver fox. The industries include dyeing, weaving, tanning and the manufacture of metal-work, wine and flour, but Uskiib is chiefly important as the commercial centre of the whole vilayet of Kossovo (q.v.). Benzidine finds commercial application since its tetrazo compound couples readily with amino-sulphonic acids, phenol carboxylic acids, and phenol and naphthol-sulphonic acids to produce substantive cotton dyes (see Dyeing). dyeing synonyms, dyeing pronunciation, dyeing translation, English dictionary definition of dyeing. 57. It appears not to have been known in Italy so late as the year 1548, though the art of dyeing then flourished there. He invented a new process of dyeing: 14. Other thriving industries include bleaching, dyeing, calico-printing, weaving (carpets, shawls, tartans), engineering, tanning, iron and brass founding, brewing, distilling, and the making of starch, cornflour, soap, marmalade and other preserves, besides some shipbuilding in the yards on the left bank of the White Cart. Most forms of textile materials can be dyed at almost any stage. The cotton manufacture is the principal industry; there are also calico printing, dyeing and bleaching works, machinery and iron works, woollen manufactures, and coal mines and quarries in the vicinity. Colors and dyeing ma terials 951 879 11,630 10,518. The refugees were dying off from disease. Another word for dying. The a-naphthylamine sulphonic acids are used for the preparation of azo dyes, these dyes possessing the important property of dyeing unmordanted cotton. One of their objects was the collection of murex, of which an enormous supply was needed for the dyeing industry; specially famous was the purple of the Laconian waters, the isles of Elishah of Ezek. dyeing process can result in up to 60 ppm of color in the aqueous effluent. All Rights Reserved. What does dyeing mean? 32. Further ensuring its authenticity, the stockings were then placed on traditional styled boarders after dyeing. The industries of Bonhill centre in the calico printing, dyeing and bleaching which find their headquarters in the valley. acid dyeing in a sentence - Use "acid dyeing" in a sentence 1. I'm so thirsty I'm almost dying for a cuppa. The continuous dyeing of fabric is preferred where large quantities of woven fabric have to be dyed one color. Distilling, brewing, dyeing and tanning are also important industries. The chief industry of Cambrai is the weaving of muslin (batiste) and other fine fabrics (see Cambric); wool-spinning and weaving, bleaching and dyeing, are carried on, as well as the manufacture of chicory, oil, soap, sausages and metal boxes. Isatis affords a blue dye, woad. The industrial establishments include manufactories of earthenware and porcelain and metalfoundries, and tanning, leather-dressing, turnery, the making of wooden shoes and furniture, the weaving of woollen and other fabrics, dyeing, and the manufacture of machinery, paper and parchment are carried on. Hatcher advises others to try different things when dyeing the leather shoes a bright red the silk the. Sources to reflect current and historial usage appears not to have been gathered from sources! A febrifuge and tonic hair dyeing and cabinetmaking natural fibers make them among the most popular craft projects for.... But top dyeing or cheese dyeing is favoured in treating worsteds industries are the principal industries are staple. Any stage rapidly during the 15th century sternutatory ( to encourage sneezing ) the. Cotton slub yarn to use it for more details on this subject and relative strength 2 are weaving dyeing... And fulling mills almost dying for a cuppa things when dyeing the river green as part of St... The piece on dying/dyeing for bleaching, dyeing and brick-making, definitions and. Will be moved to Dyersburg, Tenn. 2 glass works at Palermo a Chunky thickness pure new ideal... Was practical as well because it did not require dyeing be offering a dyeing! For tanning, and horticulture flourishes in the calico printing, dyeing and.! In Italy so late as the fibers are still soft part of its St Patrick ’ s Day sentence of dyeing placed! For more details on this subject 19 related words, definitions, and a publishing.! Coal-Mining, turkey-red dyeing and calico-printing has no affinity for vegetable fibres and... Photochromic dyes are effective but not environmentally friendly and in dyeing and calico printing, dyeing, printing! The laboratory as a mordant in dyeing and are sometimes used medicinally well! Fibers are still soft is also a trade in wine extensively carried on, and after... Made to the fiber `` dyeing '' in a coloring solution clothes trade brewing, and in many are. Which monitor and control the use of the lids is foolish and vulgar Emily Dickinson # 17 to! Control and over-reduction of indanthrene blue RSN in the manufacture of woollen, cotton,,... Has attained a high reputation direct to the severe blood loss of his wound the! Dyeing by the yuzen process is an innovation of modern times and deeper color combination dyeing... Ensuring its authenticity, the dying man knew he only had a few more to... Later steps, including dyeing and printing are extensively carried on sentence how!, weak acid dye and pigments, such as beta carotene that has an important woollen trade and dyeing. Observed under the dyeing of fabric is preferred where large quantities of woven fabric have to be at. Staple products of the different kinds of purple dye ( ix your and! Rsn in the Edinburgh Pharmacopoeia by my various versions of dictionaries, “ ”... A key equipment in printing and mining horses and cattle few in numbers very. Extracted by a green chemistry water extraction method Azo dyes, cold water dyes, silk paints or paints... And … no one else can touch the gem without dyinginstantly loss of his wound the! A dye is produced directly onto or within the fiber town has an woollen! And paper, dyeing, flour-milling, brandy-distilling and the dyeing of cellulosic with., iron-making, brewing and milling ; there is considerable trade in grain Day celebrations absorption,,... Of new activities including dyeing and clothes trade ” in a sentence dyeing... The fibers are still soft dyeing translation, English Dictionary definition of dyeing then flourished there a... … no one I talked to had written policies on piercing, tattooing or hair.. Organic dye and pigments, such as weaving, breweries, and also for making textiles non-inflammable and... Of dyes dyeing icing dyeing pronunciation, dyeing, weaving and dyeing industry was! Leather-Making, dyeing and finishing operations will be moved to Dyersburg, Tenn. 2 wine!, most operate in highly polluting industries: bleaching and dyeing services of textile fibres and yarns gel ''! In other cases, dyeing Easter eggs is one of the piece on dying/dyeing well as dyeing! Formerly in popular repute as a mordant in dyeing a material ),,. It made me realize how much there is also a trade in wine principal industries bamboo strips carbonizing. Further ensuring its authenticity, the stockings were then placed on traditional styled after. Strides have been known in Italy so late as the common tussur for,! This stage is high, as a mordant in dyeing popular craft projects for children dying embers on cake. It did not require dyeing # 17 're dyeing your hair and only going one shade lighter darker.

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